Tips to Help Your Kids Feel More Comfortable at the Dentist

Regular dental check-ups play an important role in maintaining excellent oral health. These healthy habits should be taught from an early age, but what if your little one becomes nervous or anxious prior to their appointment? Browse through our list of tips below to learn how you can help your children feel more comfortable at the dentist.

1. Begin at a Young Age

Most dentists recommend that children first see a dentist around the age of one, or whenever their first tooth becomes visible. Children who begin receiving regular check-ups from an early age are more comfortable at the dentist, and are much more likely to take care of their teeth and resume healthy oral habits throughout the course of their life.

2. Stay Positive and Keep it Simple

When preparing for an upcoming dental appointment, do not offer your child too many details, such as whether or not an extra treatment (as in a filling) will be required. Stay positive and help your child focus on the benefits of their visit. If a filling or the use of numbing medication is likely, do not provide your child with false hope by lying and saying that everything will be okay, and there will be no pain. When you do this, you break the bond of trust between you and your child, as well as between your child and the dentist.

3. Role Play Prior to First Appointment

For new patients, especially young children, it may be helpful to first act out what will happen at the dentist through pretend play. You pretend to be the dentist, and walk your child (the patient) through each step of the appointment. Knowing what to expect helps many children to feel less anxious in the days and hours leading to their check-up.

Role play could include:

4. Educate Your Child on the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

  • Counting your child’s teeth with a toothbrush, beginning with No. 1 or the letter A.
  • Hold up a mirror and show him/her how the dentist might inspect their teeth.
  • Avoid talk of drilling, shots, or pain. Let the dentist introduce these words with their own choice of vocabulary.

One of the most practical ways to ease your child’s fears or anxieties is to explain in simple terms the importance of good oral hygiene and the long-term effect it can have on their health. Teach your child that regular dental visits are necessary, and that the dentist will help take care of his/her teeth so that they can eat. It may also be helpful to explain that dentists help us to prevent cavities and to guarantee we keep our beautiful smiles in the future. Many children will feel more confident about going to the best local dentist clear lake tx once they realize the dentist is there to help them.

Clear Lake Dentists Are Here To Help

Dental emergencies don’t ever take the day off. Tooth related accidents can happen at any given time and there is no way for you to predict when these incidents will end up occurring. Miserable toothaches can and will crop up in the middle of the night and keep you from sleeping, or in some instances, even working. Fillings can fall out, out of nowhere.

Luckily for you, the Clear Lake dental community is here to help you through these trying times. When you are in pain, there are several dentists conveniently located to aid patients in dealing with these unpleasant and humiliating moments. While each person is different and many people have a high tolerance for pain, if it has persisted for several days, then you are in need of an emergency dentist.

If you allow the painful tooth to linger without receiving immediate treatment, it could be an dental abscess or the pain could easily be caused by tooth decay. By contacting a Clear Lake dentist as soon as possible, you may be able to save your tooth. Trying to be a hero and deal with the pain could result in loss of the tooth. While tooth related emergencies can be embarrassing, what could be more embarrassing than a missing tooth?

In instances where the patient is dealing with a tooth that has already been knocked out of their mouth, there are ways for you to preserve the tooth until you can make it to an emergency dentist. Leave the displaced tooth resting in a glass of milk and bring it when you visit the dentist’s office.

Dental accidents are not ever anything for a potential patient to be ashamed of and there is never any real reason for you to try and suffer through them. Clear Lake dentists do not believe there is ever any need for a patient to try to live with it and tough it out through the pain and no patient has ever been encouraged to do so. You are putting your dental health in greater danger by attempting to grin and bear it.

Emergencies end up taking place when patients continue to put off dental appointments, because they are afraid the dentist will chastise them over the issues that have developed in their mouth. With Clear Lake dentists, there is no need to ever be ashamed of the state of your teeth.

Clear Lake dentists are here, ready and willing, to help their patients finally remove the source of their pain and suffering, giving them the smile that they have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a toothache, abscess, or the onset of tooth decay, they are here, at your service, ready to aid you with all of your dental emergencies.